Saturday, November 8, 2008

Meet Me In St. Louis.

So. AIGA went on a mini-vacay to St. Louis this past weekend. We left on Wednesday evening and arrived back to the ‘ville Friday eve. It was fun! And of course I documented it via iPhone, paying special attention to a certain diamond pattern that I am very fond of. There are more details about the trip on my other blog, because this one is “all argyle, all the time!” and you know how I like to keep things organized (not so much). 

This picture is from the second day in STL. Here I am with my viscompadres, Josh Cook and Patrick Jones. I am sporting an argyle sweater vest from the GAP. I look like a freak, but these two look really nice, SO PROFESSIONAL!

I wasn't the only one sporting an argyle vest that wonderful Friday afternoon! I don’t know who that cute asian guy was, but he was totally reppin’ the argyle and totally making it look go-od. Notice the squared-toe shoes, I dig it. 

(edit) Joe posted pictures he took and this one makes it SO obvious I was checking out that guy’s argyle. Haha, I’m a freak.

While in STL, some of the girls and I explored South County Mall (I think) and we went to Forever 21. There were a lot of argyle sweaters, but none that I wanted to splurge on. Instead, I got an orange vest. 

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