Sunday, March 22, 2009

Pargyle (like party + argyle).

So it’s Sunday night, the first out of the past 5 nights where I haven’t been socially-lubricated. This past weekend was a bit cray-cray, resulting in a swollen ankle (you guys know my fear about this!), scraped knee, various mysterious bruises, laws broken and more fun stuff like that. But this blog isn’t about that boring stuff! 

It’s about argyle! 

And I know I’ve been MIA, but I’ve got some good entries lined up (promise!) Here’s a pic to hold you over until the next entry:

This is my buddy Jeremey, and his argyle underwear! He saw me at a party and said, “Jessica! I have to show you something!” and proceeded to unzip his pants... ARGYLE! I look very excited and hot (temperature-wise) and who knows what I was thinking because I sure don’t remember. I look pretty happy, though! Argyle does that to me. 

Jeremey is a second-time-blogyle-entry-subject. Click here for the first post Jeremey was mentioned.

- Jessica.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Feelin’ down.

I started Twittering---and it’s been okay so far. Here is a screen cap of my Twitter page, as it applies to the theme of this blog :

For a better update on my life, go here :

- Jessica.

Sunday, March 1, 2009


(If you read other blogs I write for, you know I’ve used that title already. Oh well!)
I just spent the past few hours looking up/getting apps for my iPhone. I got like 11 new applications, ranging from Beer Pong to BubbleWrap BUT. This isn't a Beer Pong blog.......


1. Mobile book.
2. Supposed to be funny or according to the reviews: “HILARIOUS.” We'll see.
3. Only .99!! (the second app I’ve ever purchased. The first one being “Night Camera”...which is a really good application, it automatically adjusts your lens so that you take better pictures when the lighting sucks)
4. The thumbnail graphic is so, so cute!

Other things : 
I had a dream that I was taking my aviation midterm. Nothing was really going on that was out of the ordinary except that the person next to me was taking the test in a full scuba suit. I felt mentally drained when I woke up. Tests are exhausting!

- Jessica.