Sunday, March 1, 2009


(If you read other blogs I write for, you know I’ve used that title already. Oh well!)
I just spent the past few hours looking up/getting apps for my iPhone. I got like 11 new applications, ranging from Beer Pong to BubbleWrap BUT. This isn't a Beer Pong blog.......


1. Mobile book.
2. Supposed to be funny or according to the reviews: “HILARIOUS.” We'll see.
3. Only .99!! (the second app I’ve ever purchased. The first one being “Night Camera”...which is a really good application, it automatically adjusts your lens so that you take better pictures when the lighting sucks)
4. The thumbnail graphic is so, so cute!

Other things : 
I had a dream that I was taking my aviation midterm. Nothing was really going on that was out of the ordinary except that the person next to me was taking the test in a full scuba suit. I felt mentally drained when I woke up. Tests are exhausting!

- Jessica.

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