Sunday, May 24, 2009

Capital Fashion

I know I have been AWOL as of late. And the most I can do is apologize. SORRY! I know I have deprived you, my dear friend, of such a wonderful pattern. But now that school is over, I will have updates out the wazoo. And I promise not to use the word “wazoo” ever again. 

For my first post as a college graduate, I have decided to feature my first lady and yours, Michelle Obama. Michelle sports many looks with her argyle and like her overall style, she does this in a very classy and simplistic way. 

Personally, I’m a fan of argyle sweaters and sweater vests. I don’t own any argyle cardigans, though I do enjoy plain cardigans. I used to have this thing where I was against argyle cardigans because I felt that the buttons disrupted the pattern. After much consideration, I’ve decided I can deal with argyle cardigans. I am, however, still on the fence about argyle zippered cardigans/jackets. But seriously---do zippered sweaters count as cardigans? I never thought so. Check out these pics: 

I am diggin’ this color scheme. It’s very brownie-girl-scout-esque...which is something I always associate when I see brown and blue together. 

I thought this look was interesting. A belt over an open cardigan? Eh, I don’t know. But I do enjoy this argyle cardigan! Another peeve I have with argyle fashion is that I am totally against argyle on sleeves. It’s just... ew. 

Another argyle cardigan. Dannnnng, gurl!

And of course this post can not be complete with the mention of my favorite color, purple. But seriously, ‘Chelle... how many of these cardigans do you own???! That’s four, people, count ‘em...FOUR argyle cardigans. She’s catching up to my count so I better be on the look out for more argyle. 

- Jessica.