Sunday, November 16, 2008


This weekend was BOB-filled. & argyle filled! On Friday, BOB hosted “Now That's What I Call Prom 16!” : a benefit dance party for our philanthropic cause, Victim Support Services. The turnout was good, the music was form NOW CDs and this guy wore argyle! 

I think his name is Daniel, I don’t know him or anything, I just enjoy argyle.

The next evening was our BOB Formal dinner. Kenny was my date and it was a lot of fun. The dinner was splendid, the awards were funny, and the alumni were pleasant. After dinner, we went to DQ and then the Dukum, where I saw some of my favorite Lambda Chis (pictures posted on FB). Erik and Jeremey wore argyle and they looked very handsome, of course they paled in comparison to my date, but argyle is argyle and I love it all the same.

Here is a really nice picture that Erik took during the cocktail party : 

Jeremey, Erik, Kenny and me, amidst great fashion.

Also, on Friday afternoon, I was on the radio! Greg introduced me as the author of Blogyle (duh). I didn’t really say much, but my parting words were “Argyle rules! And so do I!”

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