Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Last night, I was on the phone with my buddy Kenny, and he mentioned that he was watching sports (Kenny is a jock and LOVES sports) when he noticed that the University of North Carolina's basketball team had argyle running down the sides of their basketball uniforms. After some research today, I've decided to talk about basketball and argyle. Apparently, in 2000 was when argyle first appeared on the UNC basketball uniforms, I don’t think this is accurate information, though, because I found this picture of MJ from awhile ago and the uniform definitely had argyle in it : 

I used to watch some b-ball (like that?) back in the day & Michael was definitely my favorite. Others that I enjoyed watching : Reggie Miller, Penny Hardaway and definitely NOT Karl Malone. But this is about argyle, I wouldn’t want to steer away from that otherwise Greg will give me shit about this later on his radio show. So anyway, I researched more pictures of UNC + argyle. 
Thanks to MORE research, I found out that Shaw University ALSO has argyle on their uniforms. I still enjoy watching basketball, but this match-up would be extra great for the following reasons : 

1. Tall boys running around.
2. ARGYLE!!!!!!!

I also found this sweet picture of different argyle. Take a looksie: 

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