Friday, December 26, 2008

Remember the reason for the season : ARGYLE!

I hope that this entry finds everyone doing well and that your Christmases were splendid. This Christmas, my family and I went to Branson, Missouri. If you’ve never been to Branson, think of it like Vegas...minus the casinos and add more country. Okay, so not like Vegas at all, but Branson has a lot of hokey entertainment and a lot of corny lights. Basically, it’s just a great place for a family vacation. My fam and I go almost every summer. Unfortunately on Christmas, there weren’t very many shows showing...I really wanted to see the new Neil Sedaka musical, Breaking Up Is Hard To Do, a musical based on all of his songs, but alas, they were on break for the holidays. I thought that at least Andy Williams would be there, but his last Christmas show was on the 13th. Christmas was nice. We attended midnight mass in Branson and the entertainment was pretty good (I mean, I would expect so since we were in BRANSON).

In argyle news, I got two argyle vests for Christmas. I saw a lot of argyle at midnight mass. On Christmas day, we watched Adam Sandler's new movie, Bedtime Stories at the IMAX theatre. I always enjoy watching movies at the IMAX theatre. Also...I saw a lot of argyle sweaters. It was a nice surprise when my own sister, Jill, came out sporting an argyle sweater she purchased from Macy’s. Now Jill has always made me proud, but a tear came to my eye when I saw her wearing this sweater :

Again, this was taken at the IMAX theatre. I am not wearing argyle, but I do endorse other patterns, especially plaid. And ESPECIALLY purple (anything). I hear that purple is very “in” this season. It is also a vest, for which I am also a fan. 

Last entry, I promised a picture of my fam and I wearing blue, so here you go. I wanted to wear my new argyle vest, but I forgot it in Blue Springs (aw). 

In order from L to R : Ness, Jilly, Me, Jessamine, Mom & Dad.

So here you have it, folks. Consider yourself updated.


  1. Purple is SO in! I finally got me a purple shirt, and I must say that I think I like it better than it looks on me.

    And I love the family photo!

  2. Have you ever been to Branson resort? If not, then you need to check it out! That place has everything for your family needs!

  3. Branson is a pretty cool place to check out. They have some pretty Branson hotels right off the lake if you haven't gone to Table Rock.