Thursday, October 23, 2008

Argyle + Blog = Blogyle.

This is Nathan Jeffords, a new friend of mine. He is a fellow viscomrad and is in my illustration class this semester. We found out about our shared love for argyle a few weeks ago, a Wednesday, I believe. He was wearing that particular argyle sweater and I approached him, very interested in his style choice. He then proceeded to show me his argyle socks (props) and he told me about how Justin Timberlake recently was playing golf while sporting an argyle sweater. Thanks to google, I found the image Nathan was speaking of:

I mean, I've seen better argyle, but it was a nice attempt, JT. 

Later today, I saw Ben Sells! And he was definitely sporting the argyle. Don't we look cute?

Oh, and a shout out to my main man, Zach Paule for giving me the idea for the name of this blog, Blogyle. 



  2. Actually Jessica, while that picture of JT is a studly image of him. This is the photo I was referring to.

    It's awesome. No big deal.

    he took the words right out of my mouth:

    "I'm bringin' sexy back"

    -truer words were never spoken